Camping on the Mountain

Each day our camp is dismantled, carried to the next site and re-constructed by the porters.

The camp facilities consisted of the sleeping tents, mess tent (for dining), private chemical toilet and cooking tent.  Typically, this was set up before we reached the camp each day.   In addition, our own personal tents would already be furnished with our sleeping mats and duffel bags and we would be personally escorted to them by the porter/s responsible for carrying our gear.

The daily camp routine was:

  1. 6:30am woken up with an offer of a hot drink
  2. 7:00am washy washy – a bucket of hot water
  3. 7:15am breakfast in the mess tent
  4. 8:00am start hiking
  5. 4pm afternoon washy washy
  6. 4:30pm afternoon tea in the mess tent
  7. 6pm briefing
  8. 6:30pm dinner in the mess tent

The camp food was plentiful, delicious and varied.  We had 4 vegetarians in our group of 7, and by Day 2 the unanimous preference was to avoid meat, in particular the chicken and fish.  Nothing was wasted, and we knew if there were any leftovers, it would be shared amongst the guides and porters.

The management of the logistics and organization of the camp was superb and was supervised by the guides.  Our Tanzanian support crew totaled 33 individuals, made up of 4 guides, 1 cook, 6 helping porters and 22 standard porters.

Despite no showers, this is much better than standard camping since all we had to do each day was walk and carry our day pack.