Some Swahili Words Learnt

During the days on the mountain, the Tanzanian guides shared with us some basic Swahili words so we had a common vocabulary we could use.  This was a good ice-breaker since many of the porters do not speak english.

Jambo – Hello

Mambo – How are you

Assante – Thank you

Karibu – Welcome

Sawa – Ok

Bomba! – slang for Awesome!

Twende – Lets go

Hakuna matata – No worries or No problem

La la salaama – Sweet dreams

Poa – Cool!

Rafriki – Friend

Chakula – Food

Poa Kacheezy Kama Ndizi – Cool, crazy like a banana

Poa Kacheezy Kama Tango – Cool, crazy like a cucumber

Dada – sister

Kaka – brother

Baba – father

Bhwana – Mister/man

Mzungu – white man